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  1. The system of justice in the penal colony denies those accused of a crime to the chance to defend themselves, and seems to require the death penalty for even minor infractions. From Kafka's narrative choice to have the Officer brutally killed by his own apparatus, it can be gleaned that he does not believe this is a proper way for justice to be.
  2. Kafka wrote “In the Penal Colony,” on the cusp of World War I in Prague—a key center of the Austro-Hungarian empire that would collapse after the war. The war began after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie by a Serbian protestor acting in defiance of .
  3. In the Penal Colony is based on Kafka’s short story of the same title. The story describes an execution planned for one of the prisoners of the “colony” for which and up until then, an execution machine has been routinely used. The material itself is allegorical, and though at first the story appears to address the question of capital.
  4. This article first recounts Kafka’s story In the Penal Colony and describes how Kafka’s professional life as an attorney might have influenced his story. It then provides a description of the American prison system focusing on two important aspects: the massive use of solitary confinement and the lack of meaningful oversight.
  5. The execution machine at the center of "In the Penal Colony" seems ingeniously designed to inflict one of the most elaborate and horrific forms of suffering imaginable on the prisoners condemned to go into it: it writes their sentences on their bodies in their own blood over the course of twelve hours.
  6. Oct 15,  · The Penal Colony book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The first time I read The Penal Colony was or so; I spotted a well-used paperback copy in a pile of abandoned belongings at a college dormitory. This book presents a dystopian view of life in Britain at some point that would now be the past from /5().
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  8. Mar 21,  · A prison guard shows a key inside the now closed Laguna del Toro maximum security facility during a media tour of the former Islas Marias penal colony located off .

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