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  1. test performed on sputum to determine the presence of pathogenic bacteria. Sputum is placed on a medium for growth (culture) and if pathogenic bacteria grow is then tested for antibiotic sensitivity identifying which antibiotic will provide the most effective treatment. used to diagnose pulmonary abscess, bronchitis, and pneumonia.
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  3. Sensory Organs. Description. usimnarerosscougimiswhitthagebdust.infoinfoy Reichards Exam #2 For VET *Sensory Organs* Total Cards. Subject. Veterinary Medicine. Level. Not Applicable. Created. 03/24/ Click here to study/print these flashcards. Create your own flash cards! Sign up here.
  4. The Nose • Nasal fossae—right and left halves of nasal cavity –Nasal septum divides nasal cavity • Composed of bone and hyaline cartilage • Vomer forms inferior part • Perpendicular plate of ethmoid forms superior part • Septal cartilage forms anterior part –Roof and floor of nasal cavity • Ethmoid and sphenoid bones form the roof • Hard palate forms floor.
  5. The stranger kisses him deep and hot, leading Rin’s tongue to his own and nipping at his lips, tugging on the edge of his swimsuit until Rin lets himself be led away to one of the shower stalls. The clink of the metal rings supporting the curtain trickles behind him, obscuring them from view, and the stranger turns the shower head on.
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